sONgLineS DowserS
Invisibledrum Art Platform celebrates the beginning of spring by launching sONgLineS Dowsers, an online walkabout of sound events, virtual gatherings, online workshops, remote rituals, astral pathways, and pharmacopeia landscapes. The online pilgrimage seeks to weave collectively a tapestry, a transdisciplinary learning platform for those called to investigate spiritual technologies in relation to diverse arts, ecologies, and cosmologies.

Inviting in plant medicines, sound healing rites, ancestral wisdom, magical thinking, creative insights, sentient poetics, and other animistic exploration in the arts. The project explores pathways to balance reciprocity with Earth and offer tools for eternal dance with transpersonal external forces. A compass for navigation across waters that holds space for us to pass through the threshold, and be guided by earthly spirits, sky guides, ancient deities, and other singing critters in the perpetual cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

The project aims to propose an artistic discourse to a new emergent paradigm, recalling our shared kinship and reciprocal communion with nature and all beings. A pilgrimage through a landscape of interactions with more-than-human knowledge, dwelling with plant guides, sky guides, and their ecologies, cosmologies, and poetics. A journey made of a monthly series of articles, podcasts, pharmacopeias, and virtual gatherings to unveil the forgotten pathways to be back home on Earth.

How the digital online and mediatic-cybernetic new Culture will affect human rights and freedom in our near future?. The aim of the Digital Pilgrimage is to discuss and exchange strategies for cognitive emancipation and propose new processes of resistance to current geo and biopolitics.
What are the consequences of not being able to walk offline- in nature? Is it walking off-path?

sONgLineS DowSerS proposes to follow the trails left, like dowsing for underground waters and geomagnetic paths, tuning to the storied lines that cross the land and the skies — the ley lines, the songlines, the spirit paths. We propose a virtual medicine wheel, as a compass pointing to the seven directions, to explore collectively how our bodies may be attuned to their memories and mysteries, connecting us to earth, space, and place, by inviting the senses to unveil the plant realms, astral journeys, circle gatherings, and soundscapes that draw and constitute those songlines.

Radiating from the center of ancient monuments, as mounds and stone circles aligned with the sunrise and sunset of midwinter and midsummer, we pay attention to the seasons and how these change the landscape, shape our rhythms and bring attention to the surrounding fellow plants — the pharmacopoeia landscapes awaken. Recalling plant allies, their medicine, and wisdom, the digital pharmacopeia holds a space for plant knowledge interactions within contemporary and ethnobotanical practices by engaging with plant medicines, trees folklore, herbs symbolisms and an ethnopharmacological Tarot.

Crossing the land connecting ancient sites and modern shrines, as the straight holy lines of Britain and Saxon, or from Nazca and Inca ceques to Chinese Dragon lines and Aborigenal songlines, we follow the spirit lines of stars, planets, and asteroids from one world to the next, through the day and night sky — the astral archetypes mirror us. As the ancient cosmologies are enacted above and recurred in us, the online journey of heavens sets the pace through cyclical time, inviting awareness of the current moment by linking astronomical events, mythical archetypes, perpetual cycles and ancestral wisdoms.

Or, as nowadays, traversing urban central squares, collective trauma monuments and painfully desolated waste lands, we track those songlines that bear the stories, poems and songs which summon the paths through which energies travel, seasons cycle and pilgrims journey — our virtual gatherings weave our shared stories. We convene in the circle of reunion, as keepers of ancestral memories, carriers of ancient lineages, from the first alive cell to the elaborate technology of virtual symposiums.

Songlines as knowledge systems, multidimensional maps and medicine wheels that radiate from a center across the land...

sONg LineS DowSerS is a birth project of Nazaré Soares co-curated by Joana Canelas at InvisibleDrum Art Platform.

Shadows: Lamenting Rivers and the Daughters of Fire

In Praise of Brighid

Shadows: Lamenting Rivers and the Daughters of Fire
sONg LineS DowSerS opens by ritualizing the digital pilgrimage with the article In Praise of Brighid by Joana Canelas. The article dives into the pagan festivities that follow pre-gregorian lunar and solar calendars, the cycle of seasons, and the start of Spring, through the archetype of the triple goddess of poetry, healing, and the hearth. It speaks of perpetual cycles and liminal spaces, inviting mourning and grieving for healing what’s gone, praising the creative inspiration and fertile abundance for welcoming what’s to come.



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Shadow Work
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Karelian Folk Healing
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